Know Yourself as Love. Going into This Space, That is Really You, and Growing it.

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It’s so simple isn’t it! Love is who you are and All That Is. You can’t be out of Love, because you ARE it, and when for whatever reason you find yourself (usually emotionally) separated from it, you seek to return to it pretty quickly, because this other space doesn’t feel well.

Practice here.

Working with three of the key chakras, the heart and first the Expression as the first of the inner-representative chakras, then the Will as its counterpart in the external-representative chakras, you bring yourself gently back to that space, first by being aware of the contrasts, then by holding what you know to be Absolute, and growing this.

Short and powerful, please do this regularly as you feel called by your Guidance this week as we go through the full moon, which energy represents foremost healing a heart that might still be holding pain of any sort. It’s a way of releasing and bringing you back to present moment, where many more excellent adventures await you!


The Nazareine Speaks at Equinox

On Saturday 23rd September The Nazareine will broadcast as usual during this energy vortex of Equinox..

If you’re not able to  join is in Singapore for His Gathering, please come into my Zoomroom as usual by clicking here at 10am UK/5pm Singapore/7pm Sydney time.

Check your time here.

I’m speaking with Him for a wonderful time together and will write to you individually.

If you’re planning to be present and haven’t told me, please do so now!

Read the Programme here.

Sending love and look forward, as always.



















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