Wisdom of the Emotions. Teaching of Experiencing The Colour of Life To The Full.

As you know, the right use of the mind is to project creative energy. Your emotions are intended to colour this experience, by giving you different feelings for different experiences. It’s the feelings that you experience and remember most. The straightforward, logical mind, which form our choices, are usually forgotten quickly.

Usually, you don’t have a good relationship with the full spectrum of your emotions because you’re taught to bottle them up, or to put them to one side. You have to feel them all, because they are the spectrum of life.

Most of the time, when you have an emotion, you become lost in it. Think about it. When you are lost, you have lost your identity, because you have become that emotion. Just take a moment to think about the last time you were in this situation. Everything is seen through this space, and if you have more than one emotion in your body, then you become only those emotions, nothing else exists. Emotions are only energy, and in this world of duality, you have to be able to feel both. You don’t have to embrace them all, but you have to be in them.

Here, Anna explains the wisdom of the Emotions, as always, awareness holds you lovingly in this Truth.

Please go to the next Teaching to Practice to release old, emotionally-involved memories, to embrace your freedom.


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