Practice of Clearing Old, Emotionally-Charged Memories to Embrace the Fullness of Life.

Taken from a teaching of Sacred Woman Moon. When emotions become too much, it’s easy to lose your dignity. You know this inherently, which is why fear arises,. so amongst all those emotions whirling around your life situation, you have fear too…… . What else are you afraid of when you’re in your emotions?

Well, you fear losing face. And then, when you’ve perhaps lost face already, you try to hide that, or to mitigate it….. anyone resonate?

To Embrace the Fullness of Life here’s a practice for you to take one life situation to work with. To start with, please just remember one situation that you’d like to understand better, or to clean up …. Because it is possible to clean up energy afterwards. What we’re doing is to neutralise the emotion from the memory. Enjoy.