Moving Towards Your Visions. Awareness of Potential Roadblocks

We spoke last time about going after your dream, whatever that may be.

As you’re doing this, it’s a good idea to remember a few things, so this journey remains joyful.

The first is that bringing through your dream or vision is a journey. It evolves as you evolve, and you evolve as it evolves.

In human terms you’re likely to be challenged. This is because challenge promotes growth. And sometimes it can be painful, or disappointing. And that creates growth. If you’re smart, you make your choices each step of the way. If not, you become smart by so doing. This flexibility is called ‘resourcefulness’.

You will find that your confidence level fluctuates. That’s ok too. Keep your eye on your vision – this is what you can do, rather than what you cannot.

There is no right nor wrong, good nor bad. There is only experience.

If you share your vision with other people, you can expect them to have an opinion. That’s just how it is. Depending on whether their opinion makes you feel joyful, or not, you can accept it, or not. Either is great. Remember, Spirit gave you your vision, not the other person and you are the only one who can see the big picture. So the only ones you share it with are those you know are going to support you to bring it through. Absolutely.

Your vision or dream reflects you, your inner being; it’s an aspect of your self-identity, reflected. You need to trust yourself because it is yourself, trust not just in your Guidance, in your Higher Self too.Each of you is a tremendous Being of Light. Of Love. Of Infinite potential. It just depends on where you focus your inner eye and therefore attention because as you know, where thought goes, energy follows (immediately and absolutely).

Confusion and overthinking comes from a need to have everything just-so before you do anything. This causes the mind to turn in upon itself and start to eat itself up, a bit like the snake eating itself from its taill. You add into this the whoopee hero/victim story and an often need for external approval, and you’re back at a storyline that I would imagine for most has become grindingly old.

Certain it belongs to the old energy, now past.

We’re in a new matrix now.

If you don’t do it (whatever), no-one can do it for you. Nor should they, as it your journey. You have to be willing to let yourself grow.

If you do not, the doubt, confusion and general noise shifts into a self destructive cycle, and short circuits your own innate intelligence. Then you do yourself out of the fun of Creation.

And THAT is a now very very old energy.


Picture by the wonderful Mina Ficarra


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