Eclipse Energy Is About Trusting Yourself, and Catapaulting From This Inner Space

Here, we sit together in the dawn light, within the energy of the eclipse.

A simple sharing of space as you look back on your journey, from where  you’ve come, a gentle recognition of what-was that was your initiation into this higher awareness.

In this moment, everything is relevant, and at the same time, nothing is relevant any more.

So you discard it as you turn to look towards what-is, now coming for you.

Peace comes from your knowing that whatever happens – to you, whoever, whatever, you have now all the tools to deal with it.

And that Spirit always takes care of what needs to be.

Nothing more to do.

The in breath and out breath of the Universe, in a gentle, natural rhythm, knowing that all is well. Life flows.

And you can just enjoy the moment.

Of whatever that needs to happen, now.

For you.

Join me here to stop thinking – and to just be together for a few moments!


Picture by the incredible Gaye Ford






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