August Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Shines Light on the Nature of Love and Compassion – By Releasing Old Relationships

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle. You will have seen in the earlier practice on this month’s full moon lunar eclipse that the August moon is about letting go and opening the heart in the light of relationships both current and past. Relationships are always about karma, and with this full moon comes opportunity to release residual karma with patience and faith so you can move on free and unencumbered either by the past or other people’s fears, needs and expectations.

Whilst so doing, realise too that everything that has happened has had value. It has brought you to this space, which is its worth everything in this, your Ultimate Journey. Time now to create new karma for yourself

Please use the insights provided by the universe to make changes within yourself with various external relationships – this practice brings you to a gradual unfoldment of what-is, now, and you will then be given the steps to break the karma which in turn allows you to move on to embrace greater love, both hin giving and receiving this too.

Trust in the universe and most of all, trust in yourself.

There are many messages embedded in your practices – each message itself is a matrix leading into a whole universe of understandingsne, each one of which is profound on your journey towards enlightenment. So each time you will hear something different, as you need in that particular moment. Mark it, hold it and ponder it to open up new inner space.

Let me know what you uncover, most of all let me know what you’re doing with it. All love, as always. Axxx

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