August Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is About Being Kind and Gentle, Relationships and Emotions.

Eclipse is a time when energy is refracted more dynamically, this month remains intense as energy is shifting very powerfully.

So time to let go, and open the heart.

The August full moon lunar eclipse is is about being kind and gentle, starting with yourself. There’s been so much around in the past period for you to see, watch, feel – and take into yourself to refract outwards.

Your practice today is about reclaiming your relationships, starting with yourself, Having then recentred yourself, you turn your focus towards your relationship with others – who is drawing your attention? This is for insight so you can start opening the energy.

No-one likes conflict. This is a good one to see where you stand in these, and to make a start towards resolution.

It’s short – and powerful, its intensity designed to quickly shift energy. I’d like to suggest you do this 3-4 times in a row – either on the same day or at the same time on days following each other, First you really anchor the energy of the teaching after which you can use the combined intensity of the built-up energy to combine with this month’s full moon to start creating a momentum of change.

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