Who Are You in Love? How Much Do You Give? And Why?

It’s been an intense period. So much happening with energy shifting, lots of things coming to the surface. Last new moon presented aspects of boundaries for you to consider, the recent full moon brought many things into the light, particularly about relationships and new moon coming is about passion and intensity. When you put it all together you have a pretty potent brew.

So what does this mean to you specifically? Over the past period I’ve seen how many have worked at many different relationships. With partners, jobs, children, parents, friends. The list is endless.

Giving, giving giving… and often getting very little back.

Well, perhaps not in the way you feel works for you, anyway.

The question therefore arises – to what purpose do you do all of “it” then? (whatever “it” may be)

What are you really sharing, that is so important to continue to share, in the face of either a non-return, obfuscation or just plain objection from the other party?

Takes the joy out of it really, doesn’t it?

(Time for a Deep Breath!)

Here’s the thing, if you’re giving all the time and it works for you, then by all means continue. What works for you works for the universe, ultimately, because you are your own universe. On the other hand, if it doesn’t work for you, then let it go. Just stop: doing, giving, loving, trying, whatever (delete where inapplicable).

Walk away and watch what happens next.

Remember – no thinking, no worrying, no hurrying even. No righteousness nor eve defiance. Just a deep connection to your heart and how you feel. This is to what really matters rather than trying to feed into what does not (has never, will never so maybe make a change here). Your self value is more than ‘that’.

Remember the first law of the universe is to Love Yourself.

So … no movement after you unhook your energy. You just sit, when everything dies down, as it will, in the ensuing stillness you watch and wait. You will then know your next step. Because the universe is not just in you. It IS  you.

Love to hear your experiences. Until then, be blessed.



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Picture by the amazing Gaye Ford

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