The Nazareine Speaks. Your Solstice Broadcast on “Celebration of Love in Being Daring and Keeping Open Mind and Heart.”


For you Seekers of Truth, here’s your Solstice experience and Teachings from The Nazareine’s Teachings and my accompanying practice. Your assignment, on Being Daring, follows below.

  1. This first anchoring practice sets the energy for the Celebration of Love as defined by The Nazareine Himself. Listening to your own Wisdom through others as intrinsic parts of One whole, you see your own journey through others. By the simple act of listening, you find that your energy opens naturally and recognise in each other’s challenges the differentiation of subject and objective, without filters of any kind. In this way, you experience that there is no separation between your journey into the ultimate awareness and that of others.



2. The Nazareine Speaks. Wisdom of the Masters, channeled for you to see clearly how Spirit – and Spirituality – does not take you OUT of Life. Rather, it places you right in the centre of All of Life, in every aspect, recognising every angle, what are your lessons, where you grow and most important, how you master this journey. You continue a sacred conversation with yourself, being free from the shackles of other people’s needs and expectations. You touch, experience and listen to everything on the inside, formulating your responses therein, and reflect outwards. His Teachings include your now-ability of seeing others in new light, and making choices to change these experiences, settling more with those souls who are at a similar level of awareness to you – everyone’s heart’s desire and a form of coming Home to yourself.


3. And now, a grounding practice to bring you back to the material, or earth plane, wholeheartedly. You return feeling how your energy body has expanded. You see yourself so much more clearly as Soul energy, in your own space. This grounds you to step out once again into the external world.


Assignment >> In the light of this, and your new awarenesses, what do you see as your ongoing concerns? Pick three and resonate them as you listen again to The Nazareine’s address. When you hold this in mind, you will find that answers arise naturally for you to know from where these concerns come, and why you are still holding onto them on this part of your journey.

As always, please let me know how you get on and what your insights are. More important, please let me know where these new insights take you. This is Being Daring.


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