A Dynamic New Moon Lit Practice to Bring Up What’s Stuck, and Clear It.

Sacred Woman Moon is the expression of Spirit through the Divine Feminine aspect of All That Is in material life. It often lies dormant in women, who can find it easier when under pressure to come from their more male-reactive logical side. Balancing both brings upper and lower heart together – your ability to love, and from this space to be love, that underlies the foundation of your onward thought process and action. This includes your being in acceptance of the primal, often raw and very human feelings that comprise the multiple textured layers of your human experience.

It’s very different to that of the more ego-centric specification of “doing” love which is all the conditioning you were ever told in that you ‘should’ do/be in order to be “loving”, “forgiving”, “compassionate” and ‘kind” (etc), which usually works for everyone lse e(but not for the truth in your heart). You’ve been told (forever) that if you are able to be in this state of “love” (whatever), then you are are therefore a ‘good’ or a “nice” person (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Very often, how you “should” feel is often at a complete loggerhead to what’s really going on inside of you.

Which one is more real?

In this light, here’s a dynamic practice designed to reveal again that lovely sacred feminine energy that has always been there, albeit buried or compressed because you’ve either got so much on your to-do lists, you feel pushed to complete projects to the highest degree or you don’t have any more head space. And there’s no more time (for anything else).

Here, moon-light is harnessed to reflect on what is materially blocking your (real) forward momentum. You call it to view, more important, you look at the accompanying emotion so you are true to Self (how you feel). Very important. You have to manage this latter before you can set your boundaries, these lock your energy into fine focus and you can see your way more clearly to resolution. And, most important, you reclaim your inner space and therefore yourself.

Please note that we are using full moon energy, which you can evoke at any time – so no need to limit yourself by doing this only during actual full moon calendar dates.

It’s short and sweet, I’ve made it for you in a super-concentrated format so as not to impact your schedule. I know you’re busy and in this way, you can just weave it into your day – with earphones anytime, anywhere! In this way, may you feel more fully supported, perhaps too less vulnerable, during this stage of your journey. As we’re building energy, would suggest you do this daily over the next seven days and keep a journal.

Please let me know how you get on. Axx

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Picture credit Gaye Ford

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