Brief Insight into the Chakras and How to Work on Them to Direct Everyday Life.

When you understand the chakras, you understand how life is structured. What they represent to you from the point of view of family and work.

What you will learn in this foundation teaching is how to touch the energy and get into a space where you can feel it. At the same time you use their concurrent crystalline energy to realign all that is needed into your golden energy body. You practice tuning into the frequency of energy that you need in that moment.

Simple and elegant, you weave this energy into the acceptance of the wonderful things you have already achieved, and you grow this.


Please do this at least three times in the next week, each time you will be shown by Spirit something different, and you move forward from there. This teaching is a part of the establishment of Sacred Woman Moon, to take yourself further into this learning please click this link to save your space for our next woman’s spiritual gathering on Sunday, 23rd July 2017.

Forthcoming gathering is about Wisdom of the Emotions. Details.

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