Three Practices to Know Yourself as Love. Interconnected Aspects of Loving Kindness Brought Together For You To Experience as One.

Exclusive to The Nazareine’s Wisdom Circle, following on from the singular practice to Know Yourself as Love, here’s your natural progression from knowing yourself as Love, to “Feel How You Feel” when you’re in this space, and lastly – but not least – you “Live Your Love”. Scroll down to practice.

Your first practice looks at Spiritual energy – which is really YOUR energy – that can’t be rushed. With everything happening in ‘natural right order’ (and more importantly, you’re accepting this), each individuated step is savoured and life flows at YOUR rhythm and you are more able to return to the ‘nothingness’ that you is where you have come from – your inner home using the simplest connection tool of your breath. The energy you are breathing back in yourself is that “Life is good”, whatever are your challenges.

Your second practice takes you deeper into this space into feeling how your body feels when thus suspended. You are in the space between the cells. As you know when there is no Spirit, the body is not alive – it functions but really nothing is there. It’s just a machine. With you so present, you feel your own spirit within your own body, you are at peace herein because it is such an essential part of you. It IS you. You feel well, and most of all your feel happy.

You know that you are your own separate sovereign being, you are in charge of your own life and others are invited in to participate according to desire and will. In this space you ask questions and receive answers from your omniverse, to settle your enregy much more through your Knowing.

Your third and final practice in this set brings you back and grounded into the material world. You feel your vibration, it’s who you are, a spiritual being in this body, in this life now, having a human experience and from this space you look out. Nothing else matters, only now. And you have to feel it to know it.

So sit back, relax and start to seek the peace that is always there for you to recover. Enjoy practice which is really an act of essential self-love and let me know what arises for you thoughts and insights, how your body feels, how it unfolds and of course most important, how you take this forward!.

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