There is Only Love. And the Opposite to Love isn’t Hate (It’s Loss).

At the beginning and end of Life, there is only Love.

You give so much of yourself, because you Love.

You do your best, because you Love.

You often endure too, because you Love.

You fear too, because you Love.

It is the energy that holds the highest vibration in our world, the most dynamically vital. And because of this, it also holds potential for pain.

To live your love, consciously and in acceptance of All That Is, in the light of true free will, is your road to mastery. This part of your journey includes reigniting your ability to transform matter into two parts – that which does matter, and that which does not.

This impacts all the many different aspects of your life, simply because everything is inter-related, and  your ability to master this determines your quality of life.

I know that very often you are challenged by Love, because whilst it can excite you it can totally disappoint and destroy you too.

Best way forward is to be yourself as you love, without need for anything at all. Significantly, you let go of any need to feel any sort of security – and to seek nothing in return for your part of this vital dynamic.

In this way, you remain free to love as you wish, move as you wish. You give freely, and you receive freely with courage and thanks. And in between both polarities, you remain open, communication arises beyond listening and speaking, because you are observing too, specifically by reading between the lines and allowing your intuition to fill in any blanks. Important to do this because most people are very bad at communicating, some even expect you to be able to read their minds……

You then remain free to see what the universe brings you in experience, you are not bogged down in the emotion of needing this, that or whatever to happen. Or of anyone having to be anything at all that they are not in that moment, You come and go at will, and obligation is determined only by your view and desire.

It takes a lot of courage to be thus, because everyone in love has agendas for everyone else. And so you are caught, in a spider’s web that on the surface look gossamer, but on the inside is sticky. And of course, how much you give, or take is soul-y up to you and no-one can measure you against anything for this.

Take a moment now to reflect on the different layers of Love in your life, where it is an open gift, where it is totally generous and kind, where you are master of the situation. And where not. And most imperative, where it causes you (unnecessary) pain. It’s an interesting practice.


Picture credit – Mina Ficarra

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