Practice. Know Yourself as Love.

Spiritual energy – which is really YOUR energy – can’t be rushed. Everything comes in natural rhythm that we call ‘natural right order’ just one step at a time. And in life nowadays it’s become too fast and frenetic for most people. You do your best to keep up, often you do. But it’s not you, inside.

And you know in your heart that it is a rhythm not right for you, mostly because it’s been set by others,

So please take some time now, for yourself, to fall back a little into the ‘nothingness’ that you yearn for, within. The simplest way to connect is through the breath, and the energy you are breathing back in yourself is that “Life is good”, whatever are your challenges.

I’m sure they can sometimes (often) be many, too, lol.

Even if you don’t (at the moment) have many challenges, always good to take time to reconnect with inner Self.

So sit back, relax and start to seek the peace that is always there for you to recover. Enjoy practice which is really that of self-love and let me know what arises for you in terms of your thoughts and insights, how your body feels during and of course most important, how you take this forward!.


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