Practice for Solstice. “Earth, Mother Goddess and the Sun”

The energy of Solstice is both about maximum light and darkness, to both sow seeds and to harvest material results, in any way you wish to view things. Above all, it is about celebration, and within this too, communication between All that needs to occur, to bring Spirit into materiality, naturally.

In your practice todaqy, you are working with the energy of Solstice as the light already within, that is your Wisdom mind. You connect with the sacred symbol of Self as expressed and experienced as the Mother Goddess, a celebration of nature that is both life giving and affirming in the light of this sacred day.

Move yourself along the path of recovering the wisdom of who you are in your karmic journey, which is that you are the light, already. To live by Wisdom – your truth – knowing the structure of the external world which is the maya, the chaos. And to know yourself as Love.

As you connect with nature through the Mother Goddess, you view life from the aspect of Being nature, otherwise known as a natural Being. In this way, you are able to recognise how heaven and earth moves together in deep understanding of why you are seeking what you seek in Life, evolution and accompanying natural process. And how too nature in her different forms  have multiple-layered effects on the structure of your mind that is projected into physical form, and the overall impact on your conscious awareness.

Enjoy this – you may need to practice it a few times for the energy to really integrate and your view to arise. Let me know your insights whenever you’re ready.

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