Extending Solstice Practice – “Practice of the Spiritual Sun. Beginning and Endings As One.”

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, as the initiate here you extend your practice of the fusion of energy of Earth, Mother Goddess and Sun during the ancient celebration of light and darkness to bring deeper into Source. You take yourself right to core as a spark of the Is-ness of Life, where you are already the Light – and beyond this you are also the darkness.

You therefore are working with the energy of Solstice to take another step deeper into your awareness, into the Ultimate where you are that deep expanse of your Being. By dissolving everything around you into the no-thing-ness, you are move beyond fear because you know within your darkness that you are also the Light, that the inner Sun which is the life-giving solar force is only one aspect of Creation, and you immerse into Being both sunrise and sunset. And the space in between.

Here resides the mysteries of Life, the process of Creation, from darkness into light and at the same time, you have no fear to go back from light into the darkness again. Itself representative of birth and death, you are essentially watching creation and destruction in its natural order, with no fear of your own involvement and therefore you are suspended in neutral space, absolutely. This is the Ultimate in self-love, a detachment from a material world seemingly gone crazy, at the same time an undeerstanding that karmicly, all remains well in the birthing pain of new Life.

A slight departure of sorts from your previous practices, you are expanding into a different frequency of explorative experience. Let me know what you understand from this and how you get on.

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