Working With Your Intuition – Your Experiences, Shared. Study Group – Belonging to Self 13 May 2017.

Here’s the Study Group’s exploration on how it feels to be listening to your own inner voice.

You said it was Liberating. Empowering. Flow.

You’re taking the energy at each step and asking yourself if this feels ‘right’, because it is a frequency that is congruent to you in that moment, feeling all the many different layers, including the human ones such as emotions and memories, that arise when you attend to your inner voice.

Right in this instance is Divine Right Order.

In this instance Self Love is when you attend to your Self, and listen to that ever present inner voice, this is the empowering factor. Freedom is when you take this energy and weave it as you will and because it feels ‘right’ or ‘resonates’, you follow that energy.

Listen here to the Teachings that arose with your lovely interactions, and as always you’ll hear different things.

Following, please see below for your assignments.



1. Please watch your thinking to catch that thought that is beneath the thought. What is the visual connected with it? Memory? Who did it come from? Where did it come from. When you’re practiced, you’ll catch it and then you’ll know the origin of your thinking. It’s great fun because of course, as always when you know – and you know that you know – you free your mind from that molecule too.

2. I’m setting this as a second assignment because I had a conversation a few days ago when someone used their fear to defend a choice that was ego (or, fear)-based in the first place, using the Teachings to justify and fit into this shape. So the question I’m posing to you is this >> How do you differentiate fear in this instance?

Please email me your insights and answers when whenever convenient, looking forward as always to reading and commenting! 🙂


Next gathering of The Nazareine Wisdom Circle marks Solstice.

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