Tomorrow, Saturday’s, Study Group for “Belonging to Self. Magical Moments – Celebration of Love. Taking the Beingness of Human to Different Levels”

Sending thanks to you who sent in your assignments following this and the full moon practice, always a delight to hear your news. Your practices followed the March Equinox Teachings of The Nazareine where he asked you to consider your bucket list, listen to your own Wisdom and allow Life to flow from this.

It’s the only way.

” You are challenged and some of you will continue to be challenged until you decide not to be bothered about making a fuss or two and you will look at what is and you will say ‘Very well, these ones are where I use to be and I will then step back and they can continue to do it that way until they have had enough and then we can continue to have a conversation in a different way’.” He taught.

“This is what We call power and when you have the power or the strength to do this, it means you are no longer afraid of loss. Loss is the ultimate illusion because loss does not exist except in a world that lives in lack. In our worlds, Everything is possible, some of you have proved this, and others are in process of proving it.  You are all proving it to yourselves,” He guided.

Very excited to be seeing you tomorrow, Friday, at the study group, you will see yourself reflected in Community, and you will celebrate Love together, just by your very Being.

As you prepare to come together, remember this that too was taught >> “When you decide what you wish to experience, and you hold this in your mind, as you all know the second law of the universe, ‘Where thought goes, energy follows’ immediately and absolutely’, there is only doubt and doubt is an aspect of loss that has caused the energy to have leaked in the first place.”

The first law of the universe is to be Present. Very simple.

Tomorrow we’ll come together to share experiences from your Practice, and to hear what is on your bucket list. And of course how you plan to effect this and whether you have already started to do so (of course you have!).

And of course, if not, why not (no pressure…..)…..


Study Group on Saturday 13th May at 8am BST/3pm HK and Singapore time is in my usual zoomroom.

The Nazareine’s next Broadcast is at Solstice. Saturday 24th June at 9am BST/4pm HKG and Singapore/7pm Melbourne & Sydney. 90 minutes.

Annual Retreat together this year is in Singapore. Starts in the evening of Friday 22nd September until afternoon of Sunday 24th September. We already have a great group coming together, all of you have said how wonderful it is to be meeting your Spiritual Family. You’ll be starting your preparation for this in August, more wonderfulnesses and specialnesses to come…..

There was a software glitch at yesterday’s third of the three Full Moon practices and your advance email wasn’t sent out.It’s there on the website, you can do it whenever is convenient. And then you can weave all three practices together as One, and do whenever you feel called within.


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