It’s Already All Within. Your Wisdom, Expressed To Your Circle.

During the last Broadcast, The Nazareine turned the tables and asked each to give one teaching on the self-love. “How wonderful,” He said. “We get to be the audience for a change.”

Ambros: Make fun of myself when I am getting too serious about myself and thinking, that is one aspects of self-love and the other one to sometimes look in the mirror and say I am a wonderful person.

Andri: Be yourself, that’s self-love for me.

Anneliese: Letting go of the judgment, and just observing and watching the wonderment.

Barbara:  For me, it’s having that space where I allow myself into that space to be.

Bernice: Just being.

Effie: It is a trust in the intuition and this is it, and to embrace ourselves as well as to treat ourselves.

Gaye: Going with the flow. Appreciating the good times for what they are and also appreciating the not so good times. Not being too hard on yourself and too much judgement.

Jane: That’s a tough one as I’m sitting with all my demons this week. Energy is moving.

Dammanika: Not to doubt one’s own value. To acknowledge one’s self worth and achievements. Not to be affected by others’ negativity.

Disha: To treat yourself the same as you treat others.

Jenny: Soft eyes, smile at yourself and allow you to love yourself through opening your heart. You are very big and expansive when you do that.

Joyita: It is not to beat myself, if I have free time or if I’m having fun.

Lilli: As you go through life and have all these experiences and hurdles, you then think you have done it all and are more or less standing alone, you like what you see. It’s not so bad and you feel like you have accomplished something and you have the freedom to feel how you what to feel.

Monique: Not to judge yourself so hard and also try to observe what is happening around you so you can be yourself.

Mina: While there is always choice, the ones who truly accept the love that they are reflect this in a willingness to be visible (to themselves and/or others), be present and express their inner truth without question.

Nigel: I wake up, I walk down the street, I do stuff, I look in the mirror, I live, I eat, I think, I say “I Am

Robert: My teaching on self-love would be, whatever you do, they will always love you.

Therese: At the moment, it is about myself and using my body for exploration of self. Working with my fingers and being creativity and to not judge myself and just let it happen.

Tammy:  I learned two mantras this week from a course I did. The first one is, I choose me without seeking permission from others and the second is I am connected to source and all that is.

The Nazareine: Very good, all of you.

Picture Credit: Gaye


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