Full Moon is About Endings. Third of Three Practices For You to Ascend into New Light.

Practice Three

How did you enjoy the moon? Did you find in its gentle energy the same intensity as the others, recent?

Intensity is the pressure cooker in which change is effected, as it causes energy to change form. If you have claimed your spiritual power, or are in process of so doing, you are riding this very well. Or, you are getting used to riding it very well.

Today’s practice in this current set of three is to release everything that you think you need to be and do in order to attain what you desire.

In fact, you want for nothing, you are perfectly fine where you are, now.


This is space, your space.

And within this space, you are the all-seeing eye.


Herein, there is no overwhelm. No drowning sensation of ‘too much’.

Overwhelm, ‘too much’ is often caused by the needs of others.,

And by your need or desire to meet these.

The practice of Meditation is a great way to stay in balance, from the simplest in and out breath to the most highly technical elevation. Each serves a different purpose, and as you sit in your silence, the one that naturally arises for you in divine right order is what you need in that moment. Your mind steady, you are the captain of your own ship as you guide gently your Self through the waters of human life.

In so doing, you are your thoughts, observing them and yet not being pushed nor rushed by them.

In this instance, you bring to view three things that you wish to experience in the next period.

Just three, because you want to keep it really really simple.

The beauty of this practice, either together in this set of three, or individual, is that it can be done at any time, during any moon full or new. Or at any other time the inner call arises.

You experience your thoughtful desire, and you feel its energy, one piece at a time. You see how it looks to have given it that space, and you feel how it feels. Does it have peace alongside it? Excitement? Anticipation?

These are all energies, aspects of your relationship with Truth, and from here you train your periscope.

You experience them directly, one at a time, in every single layer. In this way you build a bridge to bring them into Now.

And you remember your courage, your daring we spoke about yesterday.

And you place that energy around it too.

Then you wrap yourself up in the gentle light of your Soul colour, and you release your mind, secure in the knowledge that you have already called the energy of your wish-list to you.

And then you let it all go, to arise in its own Divine right order.


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Looking forward everyone! See you soon!



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