Full Moon is About Endings. Second of Three Practices For You to Ascend into New Light.

Practice Two

Yesterday was about taking a gentle view. No comments, no judgment. Just a view, to see what were the desires of the mind.

The mind very often plays games with you, telling you all sorts of stuff, making you look at others, oftentimes making you needy.

Here, we’re focusing on synchronising your mind and your body, that is your greater body – your extended environment.

A world that is populated mostly by Otherworld people.

We call these others only by way of context rather than in judgment, for you to observe the view of polarity.

But are they of the same mindset as you?

Using your inner eye, how are you courageous, how do you think about the ‘box’? Which part of it works for you, which does not – and how to get out of it to live life on your own terms?

Or, like them, are you stuck in habitual patterns of comfort-zones and by so doing, cause you to doubt yourself?

Your ….. Self, that is represented by your higher mind, connected to you by intuition.

Or do you flip-flop between the world of Spirit – your ultimate potential, and their mostly fear-based world.

Beloved, you are already Everything. The Ultimate.

What causes to continue to see beneath this?

And therefore give yourself away?

Today’s full moon practice is about squeezing out as much illusion as you are ready (and willing) to let go of), so your direction forward is very precise.

So here is a question for you.

How daring do you feel you need to be in this moment of your time?

Daring isn’t about being any hero, because the hero/victim story doesn’t fall in to the journey of the Seeker of Truth. You’re looking at Is-ness, what-is and any hero/victim keeps you out of that, sticking you into the drama of life (or whatever channel of reality tv you’re currently tuned into).

In effect daring is about looking at what-is, and what needs to be done in the light of this. And doing it because there is an inner resonance to move in this way.

So this evening you are being daring by defining three things that aren’t working for you, have not worked for you for some time and you no longer wish them in your life mostly because they keep you outside of the Now.

You’re pruning dead energy for new growth to happen naturally. Doesn’t mean people or situations, objects, people disappear. Rather, it means that you will relate with all of the above differently..

This gets you out of ‘trying’ to do whatever, and frees more space for you to be more available for all the wonderfulnesses-to-come in Life, were you to look souly (solely) in that (true) direction.


As always, let me know what comes up for you!


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