Full Moon is About Endings. A Set of Three Practices For You to Ride into the Light of This Moon.

Practice One

In the rhythm of natural right order, we’re coming to another full moon tomorrow, Wednesday.

Wonderful during this time, because during every full moon you get to sit in its gentle (yet powerful) light, and reflect, into yourself.

This moon is specifically about reaching into even higher sources of inspiration and awareness, and owning this for yourself. By remembering that you are a magical and infinite being, with strength being innate and inborn, you need nothing then from no-one. In this way do you live your freedom in every single moment. Then, you read each step of Life as you progress, it progresses.

Each step can be a moment, or an hour, a day, week or year. Or whatever. It doesn’t matter except that it matters to you.

However ….. you’re also human and although you’ve been through massive change and are only now starting to anchor it, there may still be some lingering glances at the past.

In this light what I’d like to invite you to do now is a series of three practices – one today as you move into full moon energy, another tomorrow in the Full Moon light, and the third on Thursday that represents the fuller freedom of your further onward momentum.

Find a space that you can call your own, sit in the gentle moonlight if you wish, and connect with your Self – your Inner Guidance. A gentle seeking of Truth, as it arises from your own Silence. Herein you ask your questions of your Self, and you remain silent to hear your own answers, that arise from the vastness of your Spiritual being.

An ongoing inner dialogue is one of the most important gifts of self-love, so here we go witha few questions to start you off with. I’m sure you have plenty of your own. Keep a journal to give context on how you progress. Just short notes will do   >>

  • How much of your life is spent wishing for something (whatever)? And how much does your past still hold power over these wishes?
  • Has this constant wishing wishing wishing now become your life?
  • Are you so focused on wishing – that you’ve lost your life?
  • And ….. why are you doing this to yourself?

Let me know how you get on.


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Looking forward everyone! See you soon!


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