Claiming Your Space Within Your Circle.

One of the things that was discussed during His Equinox Address was how many of you have shifted away from mesmerisation and fixation of making work a world that for so long had become untenable to you. It was one where others had barged in on your energy. “They have helped themselves liberally to what it is that you have come to share, they have given you nothing back and you have had your discouragement of stepping out with your offer, or view, and of having to come back in to yourself with little or no return.

Hitherto your experience of life, He added “Some of you have been sick to the stomach from it and indeed many of you have been sick in many different aspects until the time that you decided that you cannot change the world as it is. And We are delighted at this as we would not want the world to change – because such a world has caused you to state to the Universe that you are no longer willing to play ball with those who pretend it is you who have been tremendously wrong.”

From this/these experience/s you sought to connect with your Self and in the light of the boundless I Am energy you stated to (your inner) Universe of your preference to acknowledge, claim and focus through the breath on your own space.

Please take a moment to resonate this.

Many of you stepped forward and spoke your Truth in claiming your aspect of Love within His Wisdom Circle. If your name is not below, please communicate direct with me so I can add you, thank you.

Ambros: I Am Wisdom

Andri: I Am Strength.

Anneliese: I Am Empathy

Barbara: I Am Caring

Berenice: I Am Peace.             

Dammika: I Am Compassion

Disha: I Am Love

Effie: I Am Life.

Gaye: I Am Expanse

Jane: I Am

Jenny: I Am Love

Joyita: I Am Love

Lilli: I Am Free

Mina: I Am Wisdom

Monique: I Am Love.

Robert: I Am Unstoppable

Tammy: I Am Courage

Therese: I Am Everything


The light of The Nazareine shown after channeling Him, shown here with some of His Japan anchor group in retreat at the foothills of Mt Fuji a few years ago – Lilli who you now know from your Circle is second from left.

Practice: Reflect on how you feel in the light of all these energies, breathe them in. This is your Wisdom and this is All That Is. Breathe in the electric blue light too that is the frequency of The Nazareine, He has guided that some of you in the months coming (from March Equinox) are going to be creating a few personal challenges that are nothing to do with the business, everything to do with the personality.

So breathe a little bit more steadily – and you see your way clear to where you would like to go. Some of you still have moments of fear, Remember this then – in essence, these are just moments as many of you are starting to feel the terms of your own mastery.



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