You Are Your Ultimate Connection with Spirit

Q: How Do I Know That I Am Still Connected With Spirit? It’s been so very busy out there and I feel pulled all over the place.

Anna: There is no way you can not be connected to Spirit for the simple truth that Spirit is who you are and All That Is.

You come from Spirit and ultimately you return to Spirit, yet in the intervening time, you have never essentially left Spirit at all. You find that All That Is has always been, and will always be, within YOU.

It’s so simple, really.

The only time we believe ourselves to be separated from Spirit is when we believe that we are what other’s say we are, could be or should be. This leads us to live in ‘ego’, which is really only the cultural manifestation of All that Spirit is, in material form. You add into this that many teach that ‘ego’ is ‘bad’, ‘wrong’, ‘negative’,  must be ‘fixed/punished/improved” (blah blah blah etc you get the gist), you then forget your self and that essentially there is life, opportunity, in every single thing that is brought to our attention.

The ego really is the dress that Spirit wears in order to have a human experience. It’s your personality and as such is not ‘bad’, ‘wrong’, negative (for full list please see above) and as your vehicle of expression and of supposed free will, you get to express it in any way that you are so called – from within.

This is freedom. To be, to do, to express, to experience.

It all comes from ‘knowing’.

Remember the teaching “Know Your Self and The Truth Shall Set You Free”?

This is what it means.

How to recognise the ego rather than Spirit speaking to/through you is an amazing journey of self discovery into wisdom that you are on here, we are all on here. Together.

This is the power of Practice, which question is answered elsewhere in this Q&A..

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