On the Importance of Discipline in Spiritual Practice.

Q: You mention often that it’s important to maintain a discipline in spiritual practice. Can you please explain why?

Anna: It’s all about building energy. Spirituality in essence is really a continuous journey. This means that it’s not just something that you come to whenever you feel needy. Rather, it’s something you do because you know that it’s how you wish to  live your life.

Everyday it’s every easy to get sucked into the Otherworld. By this I mean that world that is made of superficial illusions, erroneous beliefs and where people are not taught to believe neither in themselves nor in their power. They are so full of themselves and their own rubbish, believing it to be true, that they can pull you too out of your own space, and require you to be in theirs.

Practice places your energy exactly where it needs to be – right in the middle of You. More than that, it builds the energy. Your energy.

Without practice – and it can be anything that gives you opportunity to be still, reflect, breath and see truth in All That Is, in any of it’s wondrous forms, including meditation and specific visualisation techniques – you are/remain lost.

Your practice allows you to stay expanded. In your stillness Spirit gives you lots of ideas and motivations in moving forward, or holds you still for whatever healing you might need in any moment.And in both, you rest in the light of your own bigger picture.

This is the ultimate relationship with yourself and a form of Self Love that needs to be worked on every single day, until it becomes the new normal for you. You build upon your own Awareness that comes from moment-by-moment connection with (and listening to) your Guidance (aka your intuitive Self). It becomes your Life Journey.

And what a wondrous life journey it is!

Otherwise, it becomes so easy for those others who are locked into their mesmerisations and not-enoughness to pull you into these too, rather than the other way around.

And that wouldn’t do for you at all!

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