Life is all about connections. It’s about your connection to earth, sky, all of nature, in effect, and most important, to yourself and each other. Yet through the years you’ve been taught to devalue your inner voice, and value only that which you can materially see. Most of this actually devalues you – you are told that you need to improve, that you need to do this, or that to either please anyone, to be liked or accepted or to make our way in the world. Or whatever.

I’m sure that you’re very conversant with all of the above because it’s around you all the time. And you’re running around in a world that’s really sped up on the past few years, trying to get everything done with a load of different beliefs systems in your head, often caught between a rock and a hard place in terms of time and focus.

In this talk, you take a look at how to stay connected with yourself more by remembering that we are many different levels of energy – emotional, mind, spiritual that is only the sum total of all the lives you have ever lived in an energy body that you call Soul. All of this is re-membered, that is, woven together, and when you connect to your inner being, your pure and innate brilliance, you uncover a depth of intuitive knowing of All That Is.

Listen here to learn how to access your inner voice, have all your answers and solutions by so that stress and ultimately, fear, diminishes substantially You are able to stay more in the Love that you are and life flows for and around you and loved ones. As intended. Enjoy!

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