How Are You Experiencing Your Heightened Awareness?

We’re in a time of heightened awareness, expanded spiritual growth. How are you experiencing this? If you’re looking at the more material aspects of living, then you’re bang on target within yourself.

Any expanded energetic cycle such as the one we’re experiencing brings with it a lot of nervous energy. Easy to be lost in this, especially when so many who are on a spiritual journey judge life’s material aspects.Remember, Spirit cannot express without human form. Everyone experiences stress, worry, anxiety, lack of confidence in the same way that you experience love, peace, joy. It’s counter-productive to deny the love of beauty and form, to desire to own, accumulate in order to feast the eyes or as a panacea to the soul.

As you shift gears in life, we are often asked to face challenges, these are designed for you to use as tools for growth. If you can see the opportunity in each one and move to meet it, then your growth is guaranteed.

Chaos itself doesn’t really exist – if you look carefully within there it always contains structure. But the mind overthinking can’t see this. Take a few minutes here to remember those times when you knew, you absolutely knew what you wanted and everything slotted into place for it.

There was no thinking, was there? You just went for it with your inner sense.

Remember, there is no wrong and no right in Life, there is just what is right for you. To know this you have to feel it and then you feel each step of the way to take you there.

This will always lead you home, back into your heart. It always knows everything that needs to be known.

To be able to do this at will is the ultimate in self-love because you are back in and trust yourself.

Why don’t you try this and see?

Let me know how you get on!

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