Meditation. Anchor Your Spirit To Reclaim Inner Strength and Value – Great Practice at the End of a Long Week!

What better way to start your weekend with this personal progression practice, designed to bring you back into your self. After a week of no doubt challenging situations, here you reclaim your strength and value by connecting to nature to rebalance soul energy so you sail into the weekend – or any other day – without any shadow of a doubt at what is important. And what is not.

Most people are unaware that we have five internal senses that are complemented by five external senses. We also have the sixth sense – your intuition – and then there is the sense that combines all of the above. This makes a total of 12 senses. In your meditation today you will express once again your loving will to anchor deeper the light of Spirit – YOUR spirit – into your human self. Work with your chakras to connect with the energy of inner nature to make sure that there is no shadow of doubt of what is important for you looking forward into the weekend (or any other day).

Let me know what you needed to and managed to let go during this practice. And of course of what insights you received, more important, how you’re going to use them in your everday life!

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