We’re Looking Now at Moving Forward, Strongly. Equinox is The Beginning of Claiming.

How wonderful to have seen you online on Saturday and what a brilliant energy that was. Thank you for being a part of this beautiful and wondrous gathering, and thank you to all who wrote afterwards.I only hold one part, you hold the other, a beautiful balance of light that not only shines, it thrives in the darkness, to be seen, to be known. And ultimately, to be expressed.

The recording will be up soon for you to listen to again, as He said, you can either listen in entirety or fast forward to a specific space. You will always get what you need, then.

In fact, you always get what you need at any time. You just have to ask because where there is a question, which is the outbreath, the universe will always give an answer, the inbreath.

Today, more than any other marks your opportunity to (re)claim that which is really yours.

This is the view of your inner heart.

It’s always been there, albeit unacknowledged, perhaps previously unseen, unheard. Or, only occasionally so.

Now you’ve touched the depths of your own wisdom through your commitment – and courage. To open up, explore the depths of your soul. Magnify. Embrace.

And what wondrous treasures you’re starting to find there!

“So….” asked Lord Caraervon to Howard Carter who had just made a hole into the new tomb he found nestled behind another, more known one. As a courtesy Carter was putting his head in first (after the canaries), so that any poisonous ancient trapped air would not affect  his sponsor. “Can you see anything?”

“Yes,” Carter responded. “I can see wondrous things.”

This was the tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

This is where you are, now.

Sending to you all the love in the world as we move forward together in the gentle embrace of Love.

Universal love.



Picture credit to the beautaceous Gaye Ford.


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