See You Tomorrow at His Broadcast. “Magical Moments – Celebration of Love. Taking the Beingness of Human to Different Levels”

In His Equinox address tomorrow, The Nazareine looks at how heart and mind combined, expressed in the Spirit of Loving Gentleness, makes the paradoxes of Living Love and Loving Life so much easier for you. You maintain elegance and integrity of combining inner knowing to external structure, master of your own universe. Energy has a certain way of flowing when you look at it with a different eye, apply your voice with confidence and grace, without requiring specific outcomes. You know that in natural right order, you will deal with whatever arises, what-is, as and when you feel that inner call to so do.

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Time is 6pm HK time/10am UK time for about 90 minutes.

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Looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

Very much love, as always.

Anna xxx

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