Focus on The Love and See What You Grow

We’re coming to another full moon. Every full moon is symbolic of completion of a cycle and life is full of cycles.

Specifically, this moon’s energy is about looking within,healing the shreds of whatever’s still left from all your other reflection work, and moving on with neither self=judgment nor fear, within. Just a simple looking, and seeing of a view, unfolding in front of you..

There is coming to us a period of space that is about Love. It is about completion, drawing a line under all the various whatever’s you’ve been looking at and taking the energy within.

Whilst you need no-one in order to feel whole, it is a simple fact of life that we can only experience ourselves in the company of others.

So your practice for this month is about focusing on what you already have in your life. Particularly, to focus on the love you already have, that you already live.

And most important, that is already around you.

You see, for whatever reason, our societies and the individuals therein have a habit of focusing on lack. What you do not have, what you need to have more of. What you need to do more, think more, be more (etc. You get the gist).

In essence you don’t need more of anything. You already have everything that you need. More than enough, in fact.

Focus on what you already have, particularly on the Love. Look around at the people around you. Who loves you well within these circles, apart from all of them?

Then you look at what you have around you that you love. That you in-joy?

Start with the simple things. The smell and taste of the air. Your eye looking at something, whatever, and the extra layer of seeing with your intuitive eye at the same time. Your ability to hear birds.

All of these are simple and meaningful.

You put these together with those that you love and you already have a wondrous experience, that of just being together. Presence, multiplied.

So, my darlings. your full moon practice – for this and any other moon – is to focus on the Love that you already are, that you already have around you. Only this, with no need nor expectations from or of anyone.

And then it’s very easy to grow it.

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