Celebration of Love. The Nazareine Wisdom Circle. 2017 March Equinox.

Thank you everyone for a tremendous Equinox Gathering of Spirit. As you progress ever deeper into your Self, you find increasingly that the treasure of Spirit is in the everyday human experience and how you deal with it. This is the truth of working with the different layers energy – see it, know it, face it, determine what-is your response.

Your sacred world.

What-is is never forever, so enjoy it whether that moment is challenging or inspiring.

Sometimes (oftentimes), vision can be disoriented usually by the emotions, but intuition is always there, running in the background. Strength is your ability to pull yourself back into your centre, tune in and deal with What-Is, as you Will. This is Presence, and you are One with this, always. Forever and absolutely.

It’s very easy to do this. You just sit silent and feel. You feel yourself, how you are in that moment, and you flag it to know it. Eventually the emotion dies down, as does the mind. You are then in space, just you, breath and heartbeat.

Love is your ability to feel to know yourself during this moment. The Nazareine says that “Self love is who you Be, it is certainly not what you do,” Your exercise above is the beginning of your reclamation of Self. You hold the moment and need to feel this to know it.”

In this, as in all of material life, that are two mirror aspects. So you are either experiencing yourself as Love, or you are not.

And don’t forget that Spirit isn’t only about the light. It’s about the darkness too. You have to experience both to be truly free of the material.

So ….. how do you wish to experience yourself? You start through Will and Freedom of Choice? Remember, where thought goes, energy follows. Immediately and absolutely.

Below is our Conversation for you to listen to again in your own time – He’s invited you to listen either in one block or in several small blocks. As you need.. There follows your practice and your assignment. Enjoy!

We speak again at Solstice on Saturday 24th June 2017. I’ve made it a little later than usual to connect with that month’s New Moon so we’ll be working with both together.


Practice  >> 1. Your meditation practice is below.. Please do it as often as you need to bring yourself back to the energy of the Joyful Celebration of Love that you were a part of.

2. Please sit quietly and cast your mind back to times when you were truly loved and accepted. And were in your power. How does this feel? More important, how did YOU feel in this space? What made it easier to be on the receiving end of the energy of loving kindness that was directed at you? Perhaps it was a time of less responsibility than you have now and you cold be free, in the moment. Feel how it felt then to be in such a space, and breath it in. Bathe in it.

Then feel how it uplifts you, how it makes you come really really alive.. Hold this energy until it becomes natural for you to be in this space.

Please let me know how you get on.

Sending love as always.

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