February New Moon Solar Eclipse. The Eye of Opportunity.

As we head towards the new moon, I feel moved to share this with you.

I have seen so many of you be so courageous in the face of so much challenge. With some of you it has been eye-wateringly painful. With other, less so.

But as each of you were called to step into the Circle, either with The Nazareine, with myself, with each other, or all of the above, I have come to feel a different resonance within you.

You speak differently.

You hold yourself differently.

Your spiritual energy is different.

There is a strength within that was not there before. There is of course too an occasional wistfulness of times and memories past that could have been, you know, different. And at the same time there is a wisdom that what-was, was intended. It needed to have happened for you to rediscover yourselves, to awaken your heart that was otherwise empty.

Yours is now an awakened heart that is the beginning of freedom.

And within this freedom, there is enormous opportunity.

Some of you are already living this relative freedom, others are moving into this space of Knowing Freedom. You know that freedom lies within, that your hearts have in essence really always been free, it was you yourself – for whatever reason/s that no longer matter – who put it under lock and key, all those eons ago.

You know that really there is no hero’s story, in the same way there is and has never been a victim story. You know that All That Is is after all present and has always been. You know that when you experience fear, it is only for you to experientially realise your courage.

And that where there is fear, there cannot be love

And I have watched you increasingly courageously choose Love.

Free will, directed courageously.

That is All.

Very simple.

This new moon, that is also a solar eclipse, will intensify your intuitive function. The gateway to Spirit, it gives you a deeper resonance about what Life – specifically, YOUR life – is all about. And where you’re headed with it.

With many, you have gone through a process of endings, of letting go. Some have been material, such as possessions, jobs, others immaterial such as relationships. All of this serves as foundation gateway to a new beginning that is symbolized by Equinox. Tomorrow’s new moon solar eclipse is going to increase the alignment of your inner eye to opportunity.

Whether you are conscious of what-is in front of you or not doesn’t matter. As long as you honour, love and see your journey until this point as having been valid, that is all that matters, now.

Look forward.

With Love.

I just felt I wanted to say this to you, now.

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