Gift of Enlightenment Online Gathering

You now have the beginnings of your path of Enlightenment for this year. You’ll experience a deepening of your spiritual practice, a new cycle of energy and understanding of the teachings of Anna Hughes.

Time now; deepen your intuition by tuning into the voice of your soul, express your creativity to uncover your innate gifts and talents and unlock your highest potential. 

Start enjoying the journey, to know that it is a shared one at many levels.

Listen here to the replay:

I invite you to walk together to integrate these powerful teachings into applicable modern tools that are more relevant today than ever. For each magical moment to be seen and acknowledged truly in gentleness and precision, for time to stand more still when you are having fun, and to banish hesitation when you are not.

The Masterclass begins February to tune into the voice of your soul to take you to the next stage of connection. Discover the simplest way to bring light of what-is and to call upon your own intrinsic strength, basic goodness in the light of All That Is, that is Life, itself.

You walk this path to explore the essential quality of Spirit with someone who has traveled the same path before you and is committed to give authentic counsel through insight of personal experience and value of a more expansive view.

Finally begin to experience less struggle, stress and tap into your deepest potential to instead create with effortless ease as you come home to Self in a life that transcends the mundane to touch the heart of All That Is.

In effect, from my heart to yours.

Join us for the Masterclass and have immediate access to a library of guidance for your spiritual journey with Anna Hughes.

Register here to join The Community today, a monthly payment only USD $33

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Looking forward very much to hear your new insights as you go ever deeper into inner space, and grow this!

With love, always.

Anna xxx

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