Preparing for 2017

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Festivals are always wonderful, aren’t they? Irrespective of whether they are Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Eid, Hanukkah, they are all about family, friends, sharing traditions and making new ones.
If you celebrated Christmas, I hope it was excellently wonderful for you.
gaye-presentSo as we now head towards 2017, a new year and also a more gentle new energy, here’s a question for you.
Looking forward, what is the ONE thing that you desire to take with you?
And in what energy will you live it?
Please think very carefully about this, because in this year, whatever you can dream of will likely come to pass, one way or another.
If you’re able to see Spirit as the sum total of many different experiences designed for your ultimate growth and you are starting to work more and more with your intuition, you will find your navigation of this part of your life to be so much easier, more natural and integrated with all parts of Self.
So, take a few minutes with yourself, ponder the view in front of you, and see what is there.
Remember, just ONE concept, for more precise determination.

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