Practice. New Moon Meditation. Everything You Seek is Within. December 2016 (Voice)

This New Moon practice is for you to know that everything is already within.

Within this wider perspective, you now start to see that the road is the journey and the journey is the road. And that, really, sincerely, there is no one direction. You are a traveller in all directions, who you are in any moment determines this.

This is the ultimate freedom.

Nothing else matters, in this nor any other life.

Just the love.

You have spent now many years seeking fulfilment. For you here, now, this fulfilment is not the material. Of course the material may be a part of your journey to what is, you explore this and of course too you cannot know your Self without the material vehicle. But mostly you who are here, now, seek only Love.


Assignment – Many have said to me that you are afraid of being too self-centred in doing this work. And my continued response is that if you are not centred within yourself, into which space will you be centred? Into someone else’s? The truth is that they most certainly will not know themselves and so you will find yourself living someone else’s dream. After you have done the practice below, please let me know how you have given away your own hopes and desires in order to fit into someone else’s dream? Just a few simple points will do, this is often enough to see new thought. 

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