Practice. Full Moon Meditation. You Are Who You Are In Relation With Others. December 2016

Energy moving very fast.

You’re now more fully anchored in the new cycle, can you feel change? It’s quite different from the old energy by reason that you’ve now let go of a lot of extraneous material by focusing on it in practice. This was baggage of all sorts, memories, thoughts, emotions, dreams.  For some of you too even relationships. Things that did not work for you in the past and you recognized that they are never going to work for you ever. So you let them all go.

Through this you gained insights, understandings which is the new material substance of the new cycle. Your wisdom will stand you in good stead here, this has been gained through your watching of your experiences of past period. Intense, so energy could be released.

The Silent Witness.

Time now to see yourself in Truth, a larger view to the old perspective of the past. (scroll down for your assignment that integrates this knowing)…

It’s time to claim yourself fully, totally and with love, the you being this human vehicle for Spirit. You have to claim both to flow with the energy.

Choice and free now plays a huge part of this coming journey.

With your natural curiosity you first see, then place, finally focus attention on what-is in front of you. This is Spirit looking out, and the human in you responds. And to know Self fully, Human You interacts with others, to seek, see and know yourself in many different ways.

The Inbreath and Outbreath of the Universe. As One.

Who you are is reflected in the community around you – your family, your work colleagues, your friends and many others. When you are able to see and accept this, the part you have played in their lives and the part they have played in yours, life becomes more deep and enriched. You feel loved and supported naturally, but by Being. Love just is, there is nothing to do, the simplicity of the moment is enlivened by a bond that the mind cannot explain.

From the space of Being One with others, like-minded, you start to feel embraced. No longer isolated, you feel the accepting Presence of others around you. Your new trust and compassion for Self has led to a new openness with others. Old relationships evolve as you do, new ones come in of your own frequency. They all point to one direction:Being seen, known and supported in community as you weave your new dream.


Assignment – Please spend a few moments pondering how it feels to be in this new space. To have a certain ease in just being yourself. Life becomes really interesting, because you are fully present at all times and your over-riding thought at each opportunity is “Let’s explore this and see where it takes us”. Each step when so aligned becomes a simple choice of it-is or it-isn’t. Free will ultimately in what you wish to do with it, led by your intuition, feeling each step out.

And the joy is in the exploration, in community of Spirit, with others.

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