The Nazareine Speaks. Solstice. December 2016.

How does it feel to start seeing yourself in others? To know that you are a part of a beating heart that is the Universe? To be able to see your light, reflected, rather than your darkness. And when this is reflected too, as it often is, particularly in today’s world, to know that this is not the be-all and end-all of the universe, that it is just a part-of.

And this latter view becomes expansive in your taking the role of The Observer in a wider sense. This is what really matters because you know that within you, each One holds the keys to the universe. How you use this,  how you communicate this is how you communicate yourself. Each moment brings to you the requirement to act in different ways, you only know how when you come to this space

When you are comfortable with yourself, in any moment, and you accept All That is within this, you will see your experience of Life – your life – shift accordingly in the light of this reflection. Whatever is, is up to them, those ‘others’ who are just being, too, in many different levels of awareness.

You, though, are being yourself, purely and simply. You are not squashing yourself into any label, because you know that you are beyond this purely because your attention is taken with many different layers and angles of Life. What-is Life.

And this is what really matters.


Assignment: Please listen to His address with this particular perspective and let me know how it opens your view.

Community starts with a relaxed meeting of mind and heart, to have this in your life you have to be there first.How have you denied it in yourself up to now?

And how has it kept you isolated?

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