Seeing Yourself Reflected in Community is a Joy

As we have discussed, when you become more open, at the same time staying observant, open yourself to the joy of immersion into every single experience that Spirit sends. This leads to you being totally involved, completely present and focused on What-Is in front of you. In this space, there is only Joy.

When this becomes your normal practice, all your interactions become exceedingly interesting and quite fun too. Each moment is unique, can never be captured again. No two sunsets are ever the same, of course each one is beautiful – but they will always be different sunsets. It is the same with experiences, no two are ever the same in as much as you  seek to recapture it.

This is because Spirit always moves on, in the form of expression it never stays still.

If you go deeper into your understanding of this, energy is never stuck, really. It is the personality in a very old dream.

Don’t think about this too much. Just be, herein, with the insights now arising.

So, in essence, in the light of a bigger picture, you are all of who you are, now, is because of others. You know that everything is connected, and you no longer have any fear of being fully open so you are now totally engaged in life.

An open journey served by an open mind leads to an open heart. The interconnectedness of this brings peace, and from this Love can truly arise because you are being love, not doing love. There is no force engaged.

You have no judgment of yourself because you see yourself as energy in motion and in each moment you are different. Your total engagement in All of Life brings trust because you have nothing to hide, you are just being who you feel like being in that  moment, emotions, mindset and more important, beyond, and your masks become those of Discernment, not of who you keep out … of who you let in.

And in this openness, you relate differently to others too so your exploration of life and all your different relationships shifts into different perspectives.

In turn, this is reflected outwards and then you find there is more room for play. The love flows more easily in terms of expression and your external world changes accordingly, friendships naturally align to this because the real ones are based on love and growth rather than on need, performance and delivery.

And yet, there will be some who stay in a place of judgment, self-condemnation and and hidden shame. And this is where the love comes into a deeper perspective, where you love them as well, because love is who you are and all that Is. And, you were there, too, once.

Mostly, it is not only about sitting in the light and wishing to stay there. It includes and involves going into the deepest despair and darkness, because you know and accept that in the material world, there has to be both and is a context for humanity and growth.

The difference is that in the latter, you accept it, and love it for what it is. It is often other people’s journeys and sometimes still, your own. And sometimes too you feel moved to do something/anything about ‘ít’, and at others, not, each moment serves a different purpose, and you know it. Critique of any form, of loss, cannot exist in this space, only multi-layered Potential, a kind of a beauty parade for you to view. Choice then arises naturally and without much effort.

It is in this depth of acceptance of the totality of Life, that light and darkness co-exist together. Most of all in the totality of your part in it, energy is able flow to where-ever it needs. And life continues, in congruence with your absolute identity and sovereign power.

In such an open view of all that is, Peace prevails.

And in this Peace, of acceptance that all that is, the vision that is arising within you at the beginning of this new cycle is one that you are starting to get a sense will be brought through in direct cooperation and support of and with others.

This is called Unconditional Divine Community Consciousness.

And so it is.


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