Who You Are is Reflected By Your External Environment

Time to start seeing that who you are is reflected in the external environment. More specifically, who you believe yourself to be is reflected in your external environment. And who you believe yourself to have been has been such a large part of each one’s story for so long that that old dream had long ago become a part of your ‘reality’.

Think about what this means to you.

And that the old dream is now no longer relevant in the new cycle.

It’s a truth that we are all reflected in each other. And in the past there perhaps was little compassion in that aspect of Self observed externally.

This is not a criticism, merely an invitation to view.


Please ponder the intent and vibration of the old dream. How did it cause you learnings that led to your new dream arising? Your reflection leads to an ownership of your ownhigher wisdom and associated journey.

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