Spiritual Energy, Spirituality and Its Exciting Applications in a New World Order.

There’s so much misinformation flying around the world today about Spirit and Spiritual energy, a lot of people who live in fantasyland and who also teach it. As you know it’s very important for me to set the energy straight, so that right from the beginning everyone is on the same (accurate) page. Here I discuss a lot of things here with my friend, journalist Emily Millett. We look at the chakras and their right use; how to go deep with energy, work with it to grow balance and therefore peace; what is the space of Flow, how to simplify things to get ‘there’; what is a more natural understanding of joy. And also, very important for all of us whether we have children or not is to grow our children to be in this expanded space – really, for them to hold what is their natural birthright, and this is themSelves.

Please enjoy this and come back to me with any insights and also plans that you have as your part to build a new world order. So exciting to hear about these from you!

Part two will be published later for you to enjoy.

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