Shed a Little Light on the World. The Nazareine Speaks about the USA.

Very often, things are not what they seem, certainly upon the surface. And if you only look at Life at surface level, you are trapped into an old black and white tv channel playing repeats of old movies, sitcoms and dramas. The spiritual value of “Be Who You Really Are” here takes multiple forms and people can or cannot, will or will not identify with what is presented.

By opening up to the darkness, invariably will the Way return to Light, a bit like taking a torch into a dark cave. Light refracts from and into different shapes, the shades of its appearance to those who can only see Life simplistically are doomed to be trapped by idealistic thought that does not move beyond this mindset.

In short, sometimes the light needs to perceived darkness in order to be ignited.

We will see what evolves from this potential.

Here The Nazareine speaks with Mary Page in the US in the first of a series of Conversations that we call “Shed a Little Light on the World. He speaks of people now seeing a clear refraction of light amidst the darkness, of many being pushed way, way beyond their comfort and secure zones judge that which they determine to be ‘wrong’, ‘bad’, ‘whatever’ and in so doing they become one with the same, distorted energy. Many have been ‘shocked’ to see that the tribe, or collective to which they belong, or have long aspired to belong, has had it’s illusions ripped off so absolutely and any pretence of control so completely taken away.

It can, of course, be quite an exciting time in terms of taking opportunity out of perceived darkness. We will see.

As always, please let me know what you hear in their conversation, how you identify with what was shared, what you see and what, if anything, was triggered.

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