Practice. New Moon Meditation. November 2016. The Path is The Journey and The Journey is The Path (Spoken)

Our New Moon practice is the first of a new cycle of energy, to let go of everything, because everyone is stepping out into a new cycle.

In the previous cycle, you were first asked to practice surrender. This is a form of initiation. I Am, and All That is. And energy starts to flow with the ego standing to one side. Watching. And probably too feeling a need to do something, anything about this. You were then asked to have a trust in your Self a deeper form of letting go. When you have a trust in your Self, you are able to start to know yourself, and therefore Spirit, in a different way.

This then opened the way to Change and Integration, a yet deeper letting go into the arms of Spirit. A deeper – or wider – perspective, that you breathed in as your Acceptance of All That Is, in order to truly move.

Here, you’re now asked to let go of everything. Every single thing that has until this point defined you, particularly in terms of your dreams. Stepping into new light with no dreams. No baggage. Nothing.

Dissolve all the old stories because they were only true to you in the first and last instance, which was then, before. They were all in your head as effects of the ancient Law of Perspective.

It’s still shifting and will continue for some time, however momentum is now anchored and you have free choice to determine where you journey from ‘here’ – assuming, of course, that there is a ‘there’. Or anywhere. Food for thought.

And thought, by its very movement, continues to keep fresh your internal (and therefore external) landscape.

All the old is finished now and you get to step naked into a new vortex. Wonderful is that?


Assignments – Please do this several times and make a note of how you feel each time. How does ’empty’ feel? Where was your resistance, if any? Was there fear? Or were you really happy to have nothing as you cross into New Light? It’s always great too to have a new perspective so please drop me an email with your experiences.

And from this space you will build a new cycle of something that you love. For some of you, this will also include redefinition of old relationship/s you had previous thought were over, finished or dead. If an approach is made, or if you feel to make an approach, ask yourself to know to what purpose this has returned to you. Once you know this, you will proceed or not out of empowered choice, and your freedom remains intact.

This New Moon practices assists you to so do.

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