Practice. New Moon Meditation. November 2016. The Path is The Journey and The Journey is The Path (Read)

This New Moon practice is to let go of everything, because everyone is stepping out into a new cycle.

Every single thing that in the past – in the old energy – has been a dream for you.

So you first practiced surrender. This is a form of initiation. I Am, and All That is. And energy starts to flow with the ego standing to one side. Watching. And probably too feeling a need to do something, anything about this.

You then practiced having a trust in your Self. This is a deeper form of letting go, because when you have a trust in your Self, you start to know yourself, and therefore Spirit, in a different way. Because you are One and the same.
You then opened yourself up to Change and Integration, yet deeper letting go into the arms of Spirit. This is Adjustment within a wider perspective, that you breathed in as your Acceptance of All That Is.

Within this wider perspective, you now start to see that the road is the journey and the journey is the road.

Having journeyed so wide and so far, and having had also quite a few disappointments – and assumptions – along the way, now is the time to let these go now too.

From someone who had dreams in the past, you are now seeking to have no dreams. Not at all.


No thing.

All gone.

Feel how it feels when structure breaks down, and feel from within where-ever you feel any form of defence.

And just be aware of this, there’s nothing to do, just to be in awareness.

For you defend against yourself even in letting go of the old and bringing into the new.

Feel this to know this. Take your time about it.

And when space clears enough for you to be clear within, sit and breath this in deeply. Just a few breaths, your signal to the universe, that is really yourself, that you are in acceptance of all that is, in this moment, now.


Then, and only then can new dreams arise, in this, a new frequency.

In this practice, you are only just touching the outer edge of these dreams, you will not yet see them clearly nor will they come into full-fillment.

They need to be seen, touched, fertilized by attention before they will start to unfold. Anyone who tells you otherwise forgets that the growth is also in the journey.

Otherwise it will have not value at all, to you and neither to anyone else.

Choice, or what is commonly called Free Will, only comes from your sight, an inner knowing of the expanse of Spirit and its context in Humanity’s journey.

Feel the preciousness of the past journey, and also of those who stepped in to assist you, then.

It’s been tough only to polish the diamond from the rough.

How did you grow? What did you achieve? What part did these others play?

Feel it to know, scan it to see. [long pause]

And then let it go.

Let it allllll go.

Because it’s a part of your past now.

To hold on to it will cause it to remain in your presence, to be-come a part of your resistance.

In effect there is no longer any story.

All the old stories have dissolved, because the old dreams are no more.

Because they were only true to you in the first and last instance, which was then, before. They were all in your head as effects of the ancient Law of Perspective.

Cycles are exactly that. Cycles.

Not recycles.

And you breathe in your acceptance of all that is, that is you, being in this present moment.

What Is.

Within this further awakened state, there is no anger. No restlessness.


Fear does not exist because you are not in any space that requires fear to ful-fill anything, as a part of the exploration.

And you begin to see that you don’t need to do anything with your energy, nothing at all.

Because all that is here and now, is wisdom.

Only wisdom, which is the application of your Knowing, exists in this space.

Wisdom Love, because in space, Love is who you are and all that is.

There is nothing to do.

Everything is transmuted, naturally, through the realization that it’s all a part of any required movement for any “time”.

And now the previous movement is no more.

When you practice this enough, you find yourself to be beyond the ego, with its needs and flow continues, spontaneously, with your eye on the ball.

Your own ball, that you love, with multiple perspectives that ultimately merge into One.

This is known as pure vision, or freedom. And the view is the new road, from which now arise multiple pathways in perspective to explore. In essence, you are loving yourself through this movement.

And all remains perfect and as always, well.

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