November 2016. Super Full Moon is about Change and Integration. (Read).

Full moon in November is about change and integration. From the last full moon you released, surrendered what you no longer needed, from new moon you gained a clarity and trust in yourself and your own vision.

This full moon, which is a supermoon, is about integration of all of the above, adjustment within a wider perspective. You see, you wouldn’t be you if anything wasn’t about living your truth. This means, in integrity with yourself.

For you, there has to be a higher awareness to everything, a deeper meaning because your yearning now has moved beyond coming home to yourself – essentially you have already done so. Your yearning now is – and always will be, from this point – to live your lives in Spirit and Love, because the two-dimensional material-only world – is not for you and never has been.

Now you know and live a multi-layered life, where you choose where to place your energy, discern what is emotional, what is conditional and what is Truth in perspective. Just ……. What-is….

This is Home, from which you look out into the world and see relative injustice. Inequality. Unbalance. Jealousy. Spite. And undeniable cruelty.

It is an undeniable part of you too that craves justice, balance and equality, not just for yourself, for those around you too in the wider community. You wouldn’t be exploring Space, Love and Discernment if life is just about you-you-you.

Your thoughts are often about the bigger picture and how each part has enormous impact upon everything else, you have a big intellect too so not for you the mediocrity of good-bad-right-wrong-positive-negative. You see beyond this and seek to communicate these thoughts in a simple way to those around you who continue to be blind to Truth, their polarization continuing the violence upon our earth that no longer works for anyone, if they would only stand still for a moment, and realise that there’s more the life than meets the eye.

This is the practice of transmutation, a higher awareness that keeps you in your space as you first observe, then become one with the action of All That Is. Flow itself.

This is an extension of the practice of the last moon, where you had trust and compassion for yourself enough to cut through confusion. You remain solid even though it is all too easy in this part of the Maya to drift into unconscious defensive action.

Think about it.

And with defensive action, you close yourself, there is no longer open view within. You become stuck with the same thoughts moving around your mind, bringing up the same questions.

And thennnn……

With defensive action there is often offence.

Because you are living and Being in a world of duality, offense often leads you back to violence, even in the tiniest cell-form aspects of the Maya that you think you need protection from.

So, then, what you usually do is a protection practice, which can range from thinking thinking thinking, sitting on your feelings or a meditation to invoke energetic practice.

Essentially what you are doing then is protecting yourself against yourself, this takes you deeper into the Maya.

Can you see?

The view then becomes closed, for you are then locked into the Hall of Mirrors and it’s playtime all over again.

So what we would suggest for you to reflect upon during this aspect of time that you are calling the Supermoon is regain the open view is to return to a point of context that is your anchor.

This point of context is you, your space and of course your view. It’s your Home, within yourself. So simple.

And your questions to yourself herein always start with Who are you? What is the purpose of this Observation? Where is this headed? Until of course the question itself fades away and there is no longer any question, just the being of the answer.

Your Knowing.

From this remains only your view, and when you step out into it – which is really the deliberate placement of energy because when you’re in direct right action, you not only BECOME the view, you ARE it in every single moment of that wonder interaction of Sprit and materiality.

Each moment new.

And flexible.

You become naturally protected then by your own clear sight, and from this space do you adjudicate insight to create change in whatever way you feel, whatever way calls to you.

Or not.

This is known as An Awakened State.

Think about it.

And All is well.


Assignment >> This is the third in a series of three moon practices as set by The Nazareine at the last Circle gathering in September 2016. This, and the other moon energies, can be evoked at any time just by tuning it.

Please do this a few times in the light of this very powerful moon. Then, please do all three of these Moon practices together to get a more indepth experience.

Always love to hear your new insights as you go ever deeper into inner space.

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