November 2016 Full Moon. Super Full Moon Brings Change and Integration. (Practice)

Full moon in November is about change and integration. From the last full moon you released, surrendered what you no longer needed, from new moon you gained a clarity and trust in yourself and your own vision.

This full moon, which is a supermoon, is about integration of all of the above, adjustment within a wider perspective. You see, you wouldn’t be you if anything wasn’t about living your truth. This means, in integrity with yourself.

For you, there has to be a higher awareness to everything, a deeper meaning because your yearning now has moved beyond coming home to yourself – essentially you have already done so. Your yearning now is – and always will be, from this point – to live your lives in Spirit and Love, because the two-dimensional material-only world – is not for you and never has been.

Now you know and live a multi-layered life, where you choose where to place your energy, discern what is emotional, what is conditional and what is Truth in perspective. Just ……. What-is….

From this space – of Being Home, within yourself – it is important to maintain an equality of ‘watching’and ‘listening’ that together keep your view open, that is, without the concern of illusionary defense and therefore offence, groundstones of the Maya.

Energy continues to flow unimpeded, because there are no/few channels for energy to be side-tracked.

This is the third in our current series of New/Full Moon exercises as defined by The Nazareine that is designed to anchor you more firmly into your spiritual identity, releasing anchient themes and patterns that no longer serve . it’s been lovely to hear about your experiences in the first two, also of the ongoing impact of His broadcasts since March. Please do keep your emails coming – love to stay in touch and even more love to follow your progress.


Assignment >> This is the third in a series of three moon practices as set by The Nazareine at the last Circle gathering in September 2016. This, and the other moon energies, can be evoked at any time just by tuning it.

Please do this a few times in the light of this very powerful moon. Then, please do all three of these Moon practices together to get a more indepth experience.

Always love to hear your new insights as you go ever deeper into inner space.

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