Going Deeper into the Energy of What-Is.

Have you been in self doubt recently. Well, more than usual, lol. It’s of course very human to so do during these tumultuous times, we find, though, that when we live it a specific sort of discipline, defined by seeking further understanding and choosing to practice this than the other, baser beliefs and thoughts, we come to a special relationship with Spirit that is focused on trust. J

It’s very simple. We focus on What-Is, and that de-light-ful view is projected out more than what-if. The trust then is a knowing that What-Is will be delivered, because ultimately there is no external reality. It’s all a reflection of you, within.spirit-is-inclusive

Love reflecting Love, immediately and absolutely.

Very simple (and profound too, at the same time).

Because then Spirit becomes living and breathing, through you, rather than some intellectual exercise you do out of desperation when life isn’t working as well as it, ehm, should.

Exceptionally wonderful.


Assignment >> Please reflect upon all your self-doubt and see from where they comes from. Sometimes it’s a single memory embedded that, like the Princess and the Pea under 20 mattresses, and once you are able to define this, with understanding and a different perspective you can easily release the energy. If not, please come back to me and I’ll give you a practice to help.


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