Assumptions Often Cause Death of Relationship

I’ve been noticing a lot this part period how often people so quickly jump to assumptions. With some people, it’s pretty much all the time and their assumptions are based on the (erroneous) principle that if something happened in the past, it will likely happen again.

This type of thinking often leads to whatever has been assumed to actually happen again, mostly because it has become a mindset, a pattern of thinking that keeps said thinker trapped in the Hall of Mirrors and therefore projected outwards to the viewer.

150201-each-one-already-perfectAssumptions are often the product of lazy minds, mostly that are not willing to think outside of any box. These act as comfort zones and a type of righteousness and mean that the thinker does not need to stretch himself beyond the same cycle of conventional comfortable thought – and there is little room for spontaneity.

The same old assumptions create the same old arguments, the cause of different experiences all revolving around the same theme. Long-term anxiety then arises in the need for energy to be experienced, communicated differently.

They cause conflict, which with some feeds inner violence in the form of frustration, anger and in some cases, rage, either expressed or unexpressed. If these do not (eventually) burst out, it simmers just under the surface, a constant white-hot rather than red-hot heat that causes huge internal damage because when it’s there for a long time the host becomes used to it and thinks it’s a natural way of being. Meanwhile, the material body is being eaten away from the inside.

With others, it bursts out in accusations and argument, the engagement then continues either in overt or covert hurt, defense and other unhealthy behaviour.

Almost all of this follows a set, definitive pattern. Always.

How do you circumvent it?

You ask questions, either of yourself or of the other party.

These can either be direct, or indirect, depending on whether you are comfortable with confrontation, or not. All your questions are designed to gain answers, opening a specific channel of communication along which energy can flow, energy can open up and every feels heard, seen and valued.

Take the information that you have gained, think about it, chew it over, integrate. It may open the door for further questions that may either take you along the same pathway, or open another pathway of exploration.

Either energy continues to move because you either face yourself, or you decide to fact the other party. Either way, you gain answers.

You can then turn towards another path, or you don’t.

You won’t know until you come to that space.

Very precise – and little room for rubbish energy to keep you apart from anyone or anything.


Assignment >> Please let me know your experiences of bringing in enhanced communication into your conversations to change patterns of assumptions in your life, either at home, with friends or in the office.

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