Be Like The Wind. It Can Go Anywhere, So Can You.

Take a look at the picture below. What do you see?

Do you see it as being achievement oriented? To get, have, do, own something (more) than you already have?

That would be a human way to look at it, wouldn’t it?

Stop for a moment thoughand think a bit about it.

Wouldn’t it be just great that instead of having or achieving more, you work towards having or achieving less?

Now that would be something, wouldn’t it?

In the light of the new year, coming, I’d like to suggest that instead of setting goals, you instead set yourself just one focus:

voula-windTo stop, sit down and take a deep breath.

It’s been a helluva of a year. Actually it’s been a helluva past several years.

Lots has happened, hasn’t it? Shocks, excitements, conflicts, celebrations. Betrayal loyalty, love too. All shining into the shadow a metaphysical light for resolution, jumbled into a convenient collective noun that we call Life. Bet if  you were looking at this moment, now, from a couple of years ago, you wouldn’t have forecast how intense it all would have been. Great results for some, tragic for others; for many a  mixture of both – so many human stories woven into these few lines for everyone.

So now, as we are looking at 2017, it’s time to reflect. And I’d like to suggest this to be on compassion.

Most people don’t really understand compassion, they think it’s something they have todo in order to be nice, empathetic, understanding or whatever …. to someone else.

Perhaps a more substantial definition of compassion could be to shine a little light on yourself. Specifically It means that you stop trying so hard. Or being ‘whatever’so hard. Of working so hard. Or even being so nice to people who, you know, haven’t been so nice back. They’re not even present with you because with (more than) some, the world revolves around them otherwise they’re not interested. Most of all to stop talking to people who always argue over nothing, will never ‘get it’ and it’s all become too much effort to keep a conversation going.

In this way do you stop questioning yourself and start to relate with those who reflect you more truly.

In other words, you just focus on what you have already built and talk to those who are on the same wavelength as you.

You then get to avoid that perennial conflictive chain reaction of crystallized defeats, for which you hold yourself responsible.

Start next year early by resolving that anything and everything you can think of, wished for, aimed for, have achieved, or not, is just fine. You can go further and say to yourself that if something bigger/better/brighter/washes whiter was intended to be, it would have already been.

Look at what you’ve already achieved instead, and all the wonderful people already in your Life, and breathe into these to grow them. You cannot have come to this place in your life without them. Let the rest go. They belong to the past.

In this way, you make new friends with yourself, as you are, now. In this new place – of more acceptance that leads to inner peace – you are then more able to make friends with the world. A more honest, open friendship than you have ever had before, because you have no further expectations of yourself other than what-is, now. And a huge inner knowing that whatever arises you are able to deal with just by being Present.

Energy then no longer drags in self-doubt, and you will be able to take that leap of faith more easily and tranquilly in the knowledge that if it doesn’t work, you can always try something else. There remains no stress of achievement any more because it all just is

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