Practice. New Moon. October 2016

For this new moon we’re working with clarity, moving through the motion of letting go, a surrender of what-was that cluttered (infinitely) your space. By connecting breath to heartbeat, you come to rest in the core of your awareness, All That Is, an open space wherein is a different rhythm of Life than previously experienced. This is what your heart has been yearning for, no question that trust is the foundational aspect of All That Is.

You know what you see and that this comes from your knowing, acceptance of this is profound because it’s the basis of openness. And of course within an open mind compassion can arise, unhindered by any need to be or do anything other than what is given in this moment.

All is well because All just is, and within this space you have the clarity to know, to see and then to do, what is in accordance with divine right order.


Assignment >> Please spend a few moments pondering your experience of compassion and how, with understanding of such a simple concept, you are able to stay open with what arises with no need or expection other that what-is. Indeed, in deed, there are no limitations at all.

And of course let me know how you choose to apply it in daily life!

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